Meet the Class of 2011

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By Ada Lang

Cedar Key School's 2011 Graduation


Jessi Robinson, Editor & Shark Correspondent

The graduation of the 2011 Cedar Key School senior class will be Saturday, June 4, 2011, at 10 a.m. in the school gymnasium. The members of the 2010-2011 graduating class include three girls, Deanna Littlefield, Megan Martin and Angel Neese and six boys, Zack Anderson, Tyler Beckham, Noah Cahours, Adam Iovine, Harley Lambert, and Matt Tysinger. Our Salutatorian this year is Deanna Littlefield with a GPA of 3.69. All the seniors are anxiously counting down the few weeks left until they receive their diploma, and hope you will be there to witness it. 

Senior Spotlight: Zack Anderson

Chloe Reynolds, Shark Correspondent

When asked to describe his senior year in one word, Zack chose “easygoing.” According to Zack, “My senior year has been very laid-back as far as classes and homework; although classes like AP statistics wouldn’t give that impression.”  

Zack Anderson is the son of Donna Risker and Scott Anderson, and stepparents Chad Risker and Christy Anderson. He has two brothers; Tyler Anderson, Caleb Roberts, and sister, Megan Roberts. After high school he plans to join the Air Force.  

Zack’s favorite subject in school is English because he thinks, “Mrs. April is an excellent teacher.”  Zack says that his most memorable school moment was when the Boys Varsity Basketball team finally won a game. When asked about his favorite teacher he answered “Mr. Brad, since he is very laid-back and a lot of fun.” 

His favorite food is fried chicken and his favorite movie is “The Lion King.” His favorite song is “Walking the Demon” and he is constantly rocking out to “Bullet For My Valentine.” His favorite sport at Cedar Key School is track and field.,”

Senior Spotlight: Tyler Beckham        
Tyler Miller, Correspondent

Tyler Lee Beckham is the son of Troy Beckham and Janice McLeod and his stepparents are Angie Beckham and Mark McLeod. His siblings include Chase Beckham, Hunter Cannon, Montana Beckham, and Walker Emrick. During his time in High School Tyler has participated in track and field and was in FFA when he attended school at Bell.

Tyler says his most memorable moment in school was when he was written up for dipping on a field trip. He also says his favorite subject in school was team sports because he enjoyed working out and talking with his uncle Cris. Tyler’s favorite teacher is Ms. Carmen because “she is straight forward and doesn’t beat around the bush.”

When Tyler is not in school he enjoys eating cheese fries and watching his favorite movie “The Cowboy Way.” Tyler also enjoys driving his truck and listening to “Hicktown” by Jason Aldean, which happens to be his favorite song.

After school, Tyler plans on going into the U.S. Navy to be an Interior Communication Electrician or an IC. An IC is someone who works inside ships to install or fix anything in the interior of the ship. When asked who he will miss the most when he is in the Navy he replied “When I leave I will miss my parents and, for some reason, my girlfriend, Claire,” he said, “and Cedar Key, as well.” 

Senior Spotlight: Adam Iovine

Jessi Robinson, Shark Correspondent

Frank Iovine and Shelley Collins welcomed their son Adam Seth Iovine on June 7, 1993, in Inverness. Now, nearly 18 years later, they’re preparing to watch him graduate Saturday, June 4, 2011, along with the eight other members of his senior class. Adam is also the big brother to some of Cedar Key School’s younger generation, the “mini-sharks,” Audrey and Mason Collins.

Throughout his eight years at CKS, Adam has gained many long-lasting friends and acquaintances, including his closest friends Thomas Benefield, CKS Junior Stephen Bainbridge and fellow CKS Senior Harley Lambert. When he’s not busy with school or his part-time job, the four of them seem to find themselves in many of the typical teenage male kind of trouble - most of the time involving their trucks and a lot of mud! 

When asked about his most memorable moment throughout his years at Cedar Key School, Adam decided to share about the time in eighth grade when Josh Lumley stuck a key ring into a classroom light socket, causing it to spark.  Four years later, the light socket is still said to be unusable. 

Academic wise, Adam’s favorite subjects are math, “because, it makes sense,” and any kind of science, “because of (his favorite CKS teacher) Mr. Whitman.” He has participated in basketball, baseball, soccer, and FBLA, and his favorite food is Chicken Alfredo. As a teen, in the overwhelming world of growing technology, Adam’s favorite movie is the Disney Pixar computer-animated film “Wall-E.” His favorite song is “45” by Shinedown.

After his upcoming graduation, Adam plans on following-up on his interest in the United States Air Force, like fellow senior Zack Anderson. When asked to look back on his eight years of school on the island of Cedar Key, Adam says, “I loved how small Cedar Key School is and has been, and how everyone knew everyone. I’ll never forget any of the times with all of my friends and classmates.” 

Senior Spotlight: Harley Lambert

Stephanie Hathcox, Shark Correspondent

Fun. That’s the word that Harley, also known as Denim Dan by friends, chose to describe his senior year. He says it was fun because of sports, friends, jokes, memories, and knowing that it is his last year of high school.

Harley is the son of Adrian and Laurie Lambert. His sister Alicia is a CKS 10th grader. Harley does his best to look after his sister, and claims he has the coolest mom ever.

Harley’s favorite senior year memories come from Mrs. Bailey’s classes. It’s a time when he and fellow class mates get “creative.” The made up stories never seem to end, and they grow more outrageous every time. Among Harley’s favorites are Adam and the Homework Eating Wildebeast, A Trip Down the Stairs, The Great Dirt Bike Wipe-out, andCaroline’s Catastrophe (Mrs. Bailey believed that one).

Harley loves sports, even if he walks away with a new injury every time he participates. “Hitting the ball, making a shot, or coming in first at a meet make it all worth it. The screaming and yelling afterward is like the icing on the cake, sweet,” says Harley.

Marine Science is one of Harley’s favorite clubs. He enjoys going out on the UF boat to catch fish, discover new specimens, and visit the islands. Pulling the net to gather fish for the tanks in the Marine Biology Lab and completing projects like cast net building and setting up tanks. One of his favorite Marine Science trips was a four day, three night trip to Seahorse Key.

Harley’s favorite teacher is Mr. Whitman. He loves spending time with him in class, and enjoys going on Marine Science field trips with him. Mr. Whitman is Harley’s mentor, and appreciates that Mr. Whitman guides them to make the right decisions and keeps after him about his grades. Among Harley’s other favorite things are hanging out with the boys, sushi, and country music.

So finishing up his year with wild adventures and fun memories, Harley is readying himself for the future. He plans to become an FWC officer and attend any necessary course for the position. Hopefully, he will achieve this goal.

Senior Spotlight: Deanna Littlefield
Sarah Bartholemy, Shark Correspondent 

Upcoming 2011 graduate, Deanna Littlefield is the daughter of Teresa Buesing. Her siblings include Devin Littlefield and Zachary Phelps. After graduation Deanna plans to attend Flagler University and major in Sports Management. Deanna said that she also plans to “get rich.”  There is no doubt that Deanna’s future holds many great things.

Deanna’s favorite subject is Coach Brad’s history class because history has a tendency to repeat itself, which makes it easy. But, don’t let that fool you. Deanna has managed to maintain high grades even while heavily committed to sports and other school activities. 2010 Graduate Caely Hibbits said, “Deanna was so dedicated to her work; she would bring it on sports trips and study even when everyone else was having fun. Deanna’s favorite teacher is Mrs. April Fleetwood, because “she helps you to understand what she teaches.”
               When asked what her most memorable moment from high school was, Deanna said, “catching the Smoke House on fire and watching the Marine Science Class run across the field with a water hose what was way too short.” There’s no doubt that with Deanna’s leadership skills, she was instrumental in clearing the Smoke House of the fire. Now you know who to call for any fire emergencies, but don’t count on her not to crack up in the middle of saving the day.

When Deanna’s not doing her favorite sport, track and field, or studying, you can often find her listening to her number one song “Right Above It” by Lil Wayne, or on the couch watching “Old Dogs” with milk and cookies. She epitomizes the student athlete and has been an inspiration to the rest of the student body at Cedar Key School; her skill and example will be missed.

Senior Spotlight: Megan Martin

Stephanie Hathcox, Shark Correspondent

In one word, Megan describes her senior year as “carefree,” She says that she has been able to branch out of her shell and be more open to new ideas, making new friends, meeting new people, and researching careers and colleges with a new outlook on how she “wants the end of the beginning to start.” 

With an open mind and heart, Megan has set her sights on attending the Ringling College of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida, where she hopes to major in illustration.

Megan is the daughter of Karen Legree and Delbert Legree, and is granddaughter of Betty Goulet. Her siblings include CKS 10th grader Sarah Martin and Jaret Martin.

When asked what her favorite senior year memory was, Megan says, “I’ve had a tremendous amount of memories as a senior; however, one of them stands out above all the rest. It was on an FBLA business trip with my teacher, Mrs. Bailey, Jade, Sarah, and Meikala. This memory was definitely one of the overall favorite experiences of my senior year.”

Among Megan’s favorite things are the Texas Roadhouse, FBLA, Track and Field, the movies “Keith” and “Black Swan,” and music. Megan says that she loves music and her favorite song and band changes every day. 

Her favorite subject in school is English because she loves to read and learn about literatures, although her favorite classes are Informal Geometry and Marine Science. She loves the funny conversations that take place in I.G. between Matt, Tyler, Ms. Kelsey, and herself, and says that Ms. Kelsey is the funniest teacher she has. 

In Marine Science she enjoys learning about fish, taking care of fish, and spending time with Mr. Whitman, who is the smartest man she knows. She also is thankful for all the help that Mrs. April and Mrs. Bailey have given to guide her to make the best decisions and follow her dreams, and Mr. Brad for being an awesome teacher and an even better coach. 

When asked, Megan said, “I respect and thank all of my teachers very much throughout my high school years. Each and every one of them has pushed me to try my hardest and do my best in life.”

In conclusion, Megan says, “My senior year was a year that was open and chaotic. I learned to open up my mind to new paths in life and not take everything for granted. From club trips, memories, and favorite classes and teachers, my senior year will always be remembered. My senior year would have never been this great if it wasn’t for the people that surrounded me and the advice they gave.”

Senior Spotlight: Angel Neese

Chloe Reynolds, Shark Correspondent

Angelina Neese is the daughter of Nancy Beckham. She has four brothers, the late Abe Slim, as well as, Adam Carroll, Paul Neese, and Jeremiah Barnes. After school she plans to attend Santa Fe College to become a teacher of math or science. Her favorite subjects in school are math, science and world history. “I can’t choose between them!” says Angel. 

Angel’s most memorable moment was when she had her wisdom teeth removed and came to school afterward.  Her favorite movies are “The Fight Club” and “The Night before Christmas.” Her favorite food is “anything edible.”  Angel does not have a favorite band or song because there are too many to choose from. Her favorite club that she participated in was the School Advisory Council.

Angel has spent countless hours assisting Mrs. Sue Penney in the never-ending duties that need to be performed in the library, including re-shelving books, assisting with check-in and check-out, and was always looking for ways she could help.  She was also a valuable member of SGA. 

Her characteristics are best summed up by Coach Brad, “Angel is a caring, honest, and meticulous student. She is a self-starter and always goes out of her way to be helpful and understanding of the people around her.”  Angel’s smiling gentle way will be missed.

Senior Spotlight: Matt Tysinger

Sarah Bartholemy, Shark Correspondent

He may seem like one of the quietest seniors, but there’s a great deal to Matt Tysinger that you should know. Matt, originally from South Carolina, moved in with his aunt and uncle, Sherie and Dennis Johns in middle school beginning his tenure at Cedar Key School. In June, after graduation, Matt will leave to join the U.S. Army where we know he is certain to excel. 

When asked what his favorite subject in school is, Matt chose lunch, stating “I like me some food.” Matt’s easygoing nature is evidenced by his choice of favorite food which is whatever he’s eating at the time. Even though Matt loves all of his high school teachers, Mrs. April Fleetwood is the top of the list. Matt said, “Mrs. April is my favorite teacher because she taught me a lot and she is a great teacher.”

Matt volunteers daily to help out in Mrs. Sherie’s kindergarten class. Matt is also the senior class president and he is involved in FBLA and SGA. Matt said that his most memorable moment from high school was, “being pegged in the eye with a baseball during a game against Saint John’s.“ Matt’s dedication to baseball is shown by having the courage to get up and continue playing baseball after his injury. 

When Matt isn’t hanging out with sophomore, Molly Gordon or listening to his favorite song “Teddy Bear: by Red Sovine, you can catch him out at the baseball field for one of Coach Joe’s practices.  Matt has been playing baseball for four years.  Matt’s easy going and sincere personality will definitely be missed at Cedar Key School.