Mayor says he’s ready for someone else to take the lead

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By Kellie Parkin

Mayor Heath Davis says that as much as he enjoys the post, he is ready to give someone else a turn. “I love being mayor, but I don’t have the time for it right now,” says the father of two. Davis is also bank manager, Suwannee River Management District board member, and runs a family clam business with his father.

Heath Davis will be mayor for at least three more weeks due to the cancelation of the city meeting May 5.

At the beginning of the May 19 city meeting three unchallenged commissioners will be sworn in and the city clerk will open the floor for nominations for mayor. Davis is hoping to be relieved of his duties so he can have more time with his family and other commitments.

Davis is proud of the many accomplishments and initiatives he has been a part of during his time as mayor, which include the CRA department, establishing Certificates of Appropriateness, launching the conservation movement, providing high-speed wireless internet access, starting the process for a cell phone tower and working to resolve the fractional lot issue.

He particularly takes pride in the reorganization of department heads at the city level. Under the new system, any concern from any city department can be brought before any commissioner, rather than one specifically designated head. “I hope that the new mayor will stick with that,” Davis says. It has made the city more efficient, he says.

If Davis does stay on as Mayor, he says there are a couple of things he wants to accomplish, although he would not let on to what those are. “There are two issues I’d still like to solve as mayor, but I encourage the commission to seek other leadership talent,” he says. “The next mayor may be ten times as good as me.”