May CRA Update

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By Ada Lang

Whether or not to hire from within or advertise outside of Cedar Key was debated at Tuesday’s Community Redevelopment Agency meeting.

The resignations of staff member, CRA Director and City Administrator Greg Lang, as well as, city attorney, David Coffey has left a void that needs to be filled soon. Coffey’s associate, Holly Blumenthal has taken over the duties until the firm’s contract runs out next month. However, there is no one on staff with the capabilities or time to handle the management duties of the other position.

Commissioner Heath Davis, was not able to attend, however the rest of the board voted to first begin advertising locally for a replacement. Lang will assist with writing the job description and Commissioner Sue Colson stressed the importance of hiring someone who has the “smoothing skills” and ability to deal effectively with day to day decisions needed in city hall. Coffey’s position will be advertised through the Florida League of Cities.

In other news, Public Works Director Josh Wilson presented the board with an update of the curb and sidewalk project in front of the Jiffy and Post Office and some adjustments were made to the ingressand egress of the two parking lots.