Making things happen in your life

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By Thomas W. Ivines

A lot of things in life happen by chance but most things happen because we make them happen. For instance, we usually pick our life-long partners based on how we like them. They just don't happen.

We buy a particular car because we like it. That just didn't happen either or else your car would simply show up in your driveway. But, back to the thing about choosing the right life-long partner: I chose my wife for a good reason.

My wife was the only girlfriend I ever had that would ride on my motorcycle and in my airplane, too. As a matter of fact, on our first date I picked her up on my motorcycle to go flying, so I had to marry her.

Some women I dated would ride on my motorcycle but would not ride in my airplane, or vise versa. They would say, as we rode on the motorcycle, "Aren't those little airplanes dangerous? I hear they crash a lot."

The ones that rode in my airplane would say, "No way am I getting on your motorcycle. Don't people get killed on those things?"

My wife has and still does have the same attitude as me. We both experienced near death and we see it will make no difference what you do, within reason, to change the inevitable. You might as well get up off your butt and enjoy life. That means taking chances.

Now, I'm not saying jump out into traffic to test fate. I'm just saying if you sit at home and do nothing, your risk of dying will not change. Let me explain:

A while back while sitting in my living room I almost got run over by a car. That's right, by a car. A woman who attended a party down the street passed out while driving by. She was obviously drunk and ran into my house.

I thought I was dreaming when I experienced the crash and a bumper heading through my living room window. Luckily the car wedged into the framework and stopped a few feet from my chair. So, you see you can get killed in your own living room minding your own business.

This may or may not be related to my story but the woman crawled out of her car and walked back to the party, unscathed. Not something I would recommend to anyone but at least it shows she was not ready to die. She took a lot of risks, and they got her arrested, but she did not die.

The point is, even though you think you are safe in your own home you could still die getting run over. On the other hand taking some risks does not mean you are going to perish from this earth.

Anyway, my philosophy is to do what makes you happy because life is way too short - no matter what you do. Having nearly died from a heart attack along with that car episode told me you will not leave this earth until your time. I now do all the things I thought about doing earlier in my life but never did before, even if to some people some of those things might seem risky.

So, if you always wanted to do something like skydiving, then go ahead and do it. Your chances of dying are about the same as if you didn't.