Lions learn about Vial of LIFE

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Cedar Key Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Chief Robert Robinson updates the Cedar Key Lions Club on fire department news, including the new CPR training program that Chief Robinson will be teaching to train community members in this life-saving skill.
Chief Robinson also urged every member of the community to receive and use the free Vial of LIFE. (Lifesaving Information for Emergencies) program kits. Vial of LIFE is a program where participants place their vital medical and personal information in a vial or plastic bag in their refrigerator. In an emergency, when every minute counts, the Vial of LIFE helps first responders quickly identify, understand and respond to medical needs and get in touch with emergency family contact persons.
Chief Robinson also reminded the Lions of the Fire Department’s Reflective House Number Sign service.
For a $12 donation, the Fire & Rescue Department will order and install a high visibility, reflective street number sign for your house so that fire and ambulance personnel can swiftly identify your house number if summoned in an emergency.
Chief Robinson received a hearty round of applause from the Lions in appreciation of his talk and the service he and his volunteers provide the community.
To learn more about the Vial of LIFE  visit www.cedarkeyfire.org. For information on CPR training and the reflective street sign program, call the fire department at 352-543-5192 or email cedarkeyfire@bellsouth.net
— Submitted by Rory Brennan