Liking the Beacon

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Thank you for all you and your staff have done to make the Beacon a first rate newspaper!  I believe that you have found the heart beat of this fine community. The articles are timely, informative and very well written!

I appreciate being able to read about the challenges which face Cedar Key and how these challenges are being met. It’s encouraging to read about people working together on projects such as the Suwannee River clean up and other environmental issues. 

I enjoy reading about community events such as the art festival, the seafood festival, the National Wildlife Refuge Event. Also, as a retired teacher, I look forward to “Shark News.” Kids are getting excellent teaching in Cedar Key - a teacher’s dream - small classes, small school - incredible opportunity for high quality education. I’m amazed at the subjects offered at the high school level: forestry, aquaculture, marine biology - Amazing!

Finally, I want to thank you for bringing “Trouble” back to the Beacon. I was so happy to see his writing featured in the centerfold for the 9-11 memorial observance, and to read Gene Benedict’s column, “The Two of Them.”  It brought tears to my eyes - it was so beautiful. I wish the other columns he wrote through the years could be published in a book. I hope that Mr. Benedict’s column will be a regular feature from now on.  He possesses the heart and soul of Cedar Key - every aspect of nature and human nature. 

I just want to add that I appreciate the generous use of photographs. Thank you for all you are doing. 

Betty K. Lambert