Life can’t be too bad if your ‘honey-do’ list includes fishing

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Husband vs. Wife catches

By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, grab the women and kids strap ‘em down – this week’s weather is going be off, to say the least. It’s gonna blow, do a little raining off and on, mix a little cold air in-between – not much to speak of for fishing weather.


So here’s what you do: you use your time wisely. At some point in a boat owner’s life, you must do maintenance on water pumps,  trailer bearings, wiring issues, fluid checks, tackle clean up sessions and so on. These are all things that must be done a few times a year.

But, something else that is a good thing to get accomplished on bad weather weeks – honey-do lists. Everyone that has a honey has a honey-do-or-else list (ha-ha). So grab that list one day while it’s blowing so hard you can’t go fish and knock out the list.

Well, us as men, have a much more fun honey-do list. Mine is to go fishing with my honey at least a few times a year. This weekend we had the chance and the weather to do so. We had fun. It was a tough little bite, but we did manage a hand full of really nice fish and we saw a lot, which was good to see.

As these fronts move in and settle, it will cause a major move to the way these trout and redfish settle. As we move forward I will try and keep the best sense of their moves.

Check out the pics and we will see you next week.

Capt. Danny is the owner and operator of SS Charters he has been running the business for 10 yrs. And now has started a professional event, The Elite Redfish challenge.To contact him, email ckcaptdanny@gmail.com.