Letters to the Editor - Nov. 26, 2009

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By The Staff


Brian Mattice selflessly saved the day


Dear Editor, 

I want to pay tribute to Brian Mattice, Cedar Key citizen and operator of Island Hopper.   Last Friday after loading my boat, Brian, I and my mate were in the marina parking lot discussing the day's fishing.   Suddenly, we saw a woman fall out of the driver's side of a vehicle which was moving in reverse. Her right leg was caught and her body was being dragged on the asphalt. Brian screamed as if it were happening to him. He bolted to the car, jumped over the woman, and slammed on the brakes. He stopped the car before the woman's leg was ripped off or severely injured. He accomplished this before I could even react.   Brian is a hero in my book and I want to thank him because this could have been me or you. He selflessly saved the day. Thank you Brian. Paul Rothseiden Cedar Key   Get a grip Dear Editor,  Good for Debbie Soldatos' letter to the editor printed in the Nov. 12 issue. Is the name of this restaurant really the only thing the people of Cedar Key have to think about? GET A GRIP! It's a good name. Sure Ivory soap is only 69 cents. Have you ever heard of a rack of ribs? What else does the term rack refer to? Do you know what a Beaver is, a chubby brown animal?  David Yetman Temple, New Hampshire   Farewell Cedar Key  Dear Friends of the Cedar Key FWC field lab, I will be resigning from my position as Environmental Specialist for the Div of Marine Fisheries Management at the Senator George Kirkpatrick Marine Lab in Cedar Key. My last day was Friday, Nov 20th. My husband and I will be moving to Jacksonville, FL for new career opportunities.  We have loved living in Cedar Key. I have especially enjoyed creating environmental programs for you that focus on our Nature Coast’s valuable resources.   Since July of this year, I have been able to make contact with over 2000 people who want to know more about our environment. Since I began this job 2 years ago, I have been able to share Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s resource information with over 8000 people. I have done this through school group field trips, public seminars on marine topics, angler workshops, presentations for angler clubs and their tournaments, and display booths at festivals.  It has been a wonderful and rewarding job and very fun! Thank you for helping to promote these programs and for your comments on how to make them better. Thank you for wanting to learn more about what we all can do to help our estuarine environment and promote sustainable fisheries. Our estuary is sensitive to change and it is important that we understand its critical functions protecting the mainland from erosion, filtering pollution from land runoff, providing forage for animals and providing critical nursery habitat for marine life (over 75% of commercially and recreationally important fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico use nearshore waters at some point in their life!). Please remember that the FWC’s Senator George Kirkpatrick Marine Lab, the blue building by the Number 4 Bridge, is open to the public and welcomes you to stop in for a tour or to pick up fisheries information. My position opening will be announced soon and will be advertised on www.myflorida.com (where most all state jobs are advertised). Also, please know that in the interim, Leslie Sturmer, with UF IFAS here at the facility, will be arranging the seminar series for Jan, Feb and March. Please keep a look out for those announcements in Jan! Jered, Sawyer and I will be around Cedar Key for a few more weeks. Although we are looking forward to our new home in Jacksonville, we certainly will miss you in Cedar Key. Thank You, ‘Best Fishes’,  and Tight Lines, Missy Woods Jackson  P.S. Interesting website: Census of Marine Life: http://www.coml.org/      Thank you The Cedar Key Historical Society wishes to thank everyone who contributed in making the Opening Celebration of the Lutterloh Museum Building such an enjoyable occasion.   We encourage the community to come in and enjoy our "new museum home."