Letters to the Editor (4-24-14 issue)

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Where has the recycling gone?

Dear Editor:
A few folks who live just off the island and utilize the recycling trailer (at County Road 347/State Road 24 intersection) have inquired as to why this trailer was removed.
A call to County Coordinator Fred Moody this past Monday revealed that it was removed with no immediate intentions of replacing it as he claims there is not only ongoing dumping of TVs, couches and the like (we have all seen this illegal dumping), but also that the majority of the trailer contents are garbage, not recyclables. He suggested that those who want to recycle will have to bring them to the Bronson facility.
At this time, the county is considering a possible other location for this recycling trailer and a specific day and times for recyclables to be collected with a county employee to supervise the collection.
You can contact Fred Moody at 352-486-5216 for any updated information as I know there are those in your readership that are interested.

Sincerely yours,
Eileen Bowers

Please support springs legislation

I'm a Florida cracker, born in Gainesville and returned to the Fanning Springs area in 1982.
The beauty of the springs and the Suwannee River played a big part in our decision to move to this area from St. Petersburg.
Now the springs are in jeopardy along with the Florida aquifer. I don't hold myself to any standard of expertise but it's easy to evaluate by just spending time over the years at the springs.
According to articles I've read, this years budget includes "55 million" for water restoration.
I'm asking local residents to get behind Floridians Clean Water Declaration.  
We must take a stand before too much damage is done to an irreplaceable asset.
I know there is a longstanding conflict between agricultural demands, growing  businesses and natural preservation. The preservation of our springs and aquifer is a heritage right to our children and future generations. Please consider signing the petition and/or financially supporting the cause.

Gigi Daube