Letter to the editor: Volunteers deserve the award

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By The Staff

To the Editor:

Last week I was given a Mayor’s Citizenship Award plaque by Mayor Heath Davis, citing my “efforts with the Conservation Initiative.”

(And, before I go on, I want to lead a big round of applause for Ms. Connie Nelson, who received her Mayor’s Citizenship Award last week also, in recognition of all her years of service to our community.)

Mr. Davis is a very considerate man and dedicated to making our city better, and I am honored to receive his award. However, I think the plaque I received is for all of the volunteers: volunteers like Bev Ringenberg, who has done a huge amount of work on our project – and volunteers like Willie B., who just took it on himself to help make it easier for businesses to begin to recycle. It really is all about the volunteers.

I do feel that the award is a bit premature. We have a lot more to accomplish to move along our agenda of having our city become a model for energy awareness, conservation, and sustainability. All that will happen, because it is the right thing to do. I encourage everyone, both households and businesses, to participate and to become part of the solution. I often think of the quote from an unknown source: “We can’t lose, for as we work to improve our community we have already improved ourselves.”

So, on behalf of all the volunteers for the Energy Advisory Panel, I thank you, Mister Heath!

-- Tom Deverin