Lessons learned from square-foot gardening

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By The Staff

Mr. Dennis Voyles' agriculture wheel class has been busy tending to their gardens located behind the CKS lunchroom. This ag class, while learning about water and land conservation, decided to try a new method called square-foot gardening. Square foot gardening is a new concept. Instead of growing crops in rows, students think in terms of square feet sections within a small plot. Each student is assigned a 4' by 4' plot enclosed by 8-inch walls of plywood. This gives each just 16 square feet of area to work with. The students enriched the soil inside their plot using leaves and pine needles. In this limited space the students are growing beans, radishes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, squash and peas.

Through this experience students learn more than just gardening. Here are some testimonials:

Megan Stuber says, "I am learning responsibility and how to provide our future food supply. Every school should have an ag class."

Frank Zimmanck says, "I am learning about plant diseases, good and bad insects and plant identification."

Sam Smith says, "Before we started I didn't know much, but now I am teaching mom and dad about it."

Bobby Trammel says, "I now know how to plant and grow vegetables and have started a garden at home."

Brooke Allen says, "During this class I have learned how to tend to plants as they grow."

Caitlin Goss says, "Some of our plants were damaged by insects, and we took it like Shark Pride and overcame the setback. Now our plants are doing better than ever."

The class also learns about leadership, hydroponics, parliamentary procedure, opportunities in agriculture, forestry and woodworking.