Lang resigns from CRA, city positions

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By Lou Elliott Jones

There has been some name-calling at Cedar Key City Hall this week, but it's all in good fun.

It follows the announcement by Greg Lang that he is resigning as Community Redevelopment Authority director and the interim part-time city administrator post to join an engineering firm.

"Some of the staff has made it clear how they feel," Lang said laughing. "I've been called things like traitor ... Benedict Arnold."

But the admiration is mutual.

"They have been great to work with," he said. "I never worked in public service before, but these three years. I'm a small business guy. I never had a paycheck I didn't earn for some successful outcome to a project."

Then Lang joined the city in 2008 after working as a volunteer for a number of years. The checks just come, he said.

"I don't know what he's getting but he’s worth every penny to them," said Mayor Pat O'Neal about Lang's pending departure. "He's really good."

Lang is joining Mittauer & Associates of Orange Park, a contractor on city projects since before Lang started with the city, as senior community development director.

He first became acquainted with his new boss, Joe Mittauer, when he went to work for the city. Mittauer was handling a project in Cedar Key. "That's how I got to know them and they got to know me. What I'm really happy about is I get to stay critically involved in the biggest of the city projects."

On Tuesday Lang will ask the city commission to allow him to oversee the current CRA projects to completion. "I would ask to put in a reasonable amount of hours as a vol- unteer."

It's going to be hard on Lang to leave public service.

"I prefer the private sector, but I want to work in some capacity for the public," he said. "What I love is the ability to be accountable to my community. "I've got five bosses, but I felt every one of the people in town were my bosses.

"And I like that feeling, even when I'm being chewed out."

Lang will have a lot of face time with the public service sector, "I will work alongside Mr. Mittauer to help commu- nities understand what their needs are and find ways to help them achieve those goals."

If that sounds familiar, it is. He does pretty much the same thing working with a board, a mayor and commission to set and achieve goals like new sewer lines throughout the city and obtaining the funding through grants and other sources.

Mittauer & Associates specializes in helping small communities, so it's likely Lang will be found working in the other small communities of Levy County that have projects coming up, like the Bronson sewer extension and the Fanning Springs sewerage plant.

"That's exciting to me," Lang said. "I don't have any regrets about anything. This city has been so fortunate to have the people that they have — Miss Francis who has been here over 35 years and Teresa (George) who has been here eight years.

"This staff has been super gracious," he said. Even when they call him those funny names.