Kids for K9s pays visit to Cedar Key School

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Kids for K9s recently presented a program to Cedar Key School second graders and students of Brooke Smith about service animals.

The program included discussion of some of the many jobs that service animals do to help people, including a demonstration by Aric of how a dog can identify certain chemicals that might be used in explosives (no explosives were used). The children also learned what to do if they are ever lost and how a barking dog might be coming to find them so stay in one safe place until the search dog arrives.

The students got to meet a service dog who is only eighteen months old and in training to assist a 10 year old girl with autism. The students helped to socialize this dog by petting him and helping him adjust to a school environment.

Students also learned about medical alert dogs and pet therapy animals. There were trading cards of various service animals and a booklet of activities for each child, plus information for the adults present.

Presenters from Kids for K9s were Louise Ballinger, Donna Bushnell and Barbara Snow of the War Dogs Association.