Ken's Cedar Keyside Diner - a new place to eat in town

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By Ada Lang

Hungry for classic foods - with a twist - while surrounded by images of classic cars and grooving on classic tunes? Then stop by Ken’s Cedar Keyside Diner on Dock Street. 


Serving hearty breakfasts that include pancakes, Eggs Benedict or biscuits and gravy, you won’t start the day off hungry. 

The lunch menu is tough to choose from. Something new you may want to try is their Shrimp Tacos with Lime-Cilantro sauce, although you probably can’t go wrong with a Reuben or burger. 

There are several choices of sides, including salads, gigantic steak fries or the southern favorite, sweet potato fries. 

Ken and Cathy Bryant, ran a restaurant in Ocala, however a Craig’s List ad drew them to Cedar Key and once they saw the space they now lease, they were eager to try their hands at their own restaurant.

Open only 10 weeks now, their guests dine in the light-filled space on Dock Street but also have the option of enjoying the screen porch that overlooks the Big Dock. 

Stop in and welcome Ken and Cathy to Cedar Key. If you know the secret password, you may even get a special discount.