It’s the fishin’ that makes this town great

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By Danny Allen

Hey, everybody, Hope all is well and you are all stayn’ as cool as ya’ can be. I’m having such a hard time right now with my identity.
Well, usually I want it to be calm because my boat isn’t the best at handling rough weather — it’s just too flat. But lately I been praying for some wind so me and my guests won’t bake to death. So right now I’m kinda confusing myself.
But all’s good. This weekend was a good one - very little rain threat and some wind to keep it cool. But not too much, so it was rough.
I had some regular folks from north central Georgia down fishing with me. It had been almost two years since they were here. Man, I really wanted to give them a great trip so they would remember why they like to be in Cedar Key. We fished from 8:00 to 1:30 and the day started off weird.
As we started on a high tide, all my bait was on top of oyster bars, and I was having a time getting the fish to stay in the net. Finally I made a perfect throw right in the edge and filled the net. Next was all history, as I made my first guess of the day and BAMM, a beautiful 34-inch redfish. Now that’s how ya’ spark an angler from the outta towns’ memory. Ha ha.
We went on to boat two oversized redfish and three nice keepers along with six shorts. We also grabbed a few lil’ bull sharks, and about 60 short trout. We only got three keeper trout but stayed very busy.
Capt. Nick with Southern Salt Charters fished this weekend as well. He had a big family of five, which had three li’l ones under age 12. They had a great trip, boating two keeper reds in the upper slot and some shorts. They also grabbed some really nice trout up to 22 inches.
Now the cool part these folks were from St. Simons, Ga.  They were on their way to the Panhandle when they got the phone call that the boat they were goin’ on had broke down and they couldn’t find a replacement. So while on the road they changed plans to Cedar Key and Southern Salt Charters.
Our li’l town’s charm and some great customer service fishing had them talking about when they would be back. BAMMM! Gotta love it. We, as captains, are blessed to have such a cool town to work from.
Well that’s all I got. See y’all on the Salt!
Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.