It’s ‘red October’ for the fishin’ this month

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By Danny Allen

Well, hello again, folks. Due to gale force winds and lots of rain over the last few weeks, we didn't do much fishing. So last week when it became time to think of something to report or chat about for the column.

Well let's just say for a man like me I was a li’l frustrated and was having a problem thinking of anything nice to say or write.

But hopefully we are done with that li’l cycle for now at least so we can enjoy some of Cedar Keys great fall fishing.

Since I didn’t fish lately this article will have some info on what to expect and forcast fishing this week and during our oh so cool festival weekend.

The wind and lots of rain we had for a few days will most likely have the water pretty muddy looking. And along the shorelines north and east the water may seem reddish from all the woods run off.

Those issues should clear up after a few days of in-and-out water flow.

Right now we are in our full moon stages so the tides are going out a lil farther and raising pretty good. That will help recycle some of that clean offshore water and straighten up our inshore scene.

Now as that happens the fishing should bounce back right with it. I would expect the trout to be more affected by the cloudy water more than the reds. But it is mother nature and it is fishing.

This time of year our redfish really do well for us and has been nick-named "red October" all over the state of Florida.

But as we have seen some cooler temps kinda early this year, with all this rain I would expect a really good trout bite.

Find some clean water with a good bait source. Grab your favorite rod and reel outfit and go to work. I suggest placing a popping cork with about 30 inches of flourocarbon leader and a jig.

Cover water that is flooding onto a flat and as the tide is high, cover the flat. Color doesn't seem to matter all that much if you have one the you have confidence in. Start there.

Well folks enjoy the festivities, support our local school’s booths and have fun.

We will C’ya out there.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352- 215-3686.