Hunting, fishing - it doesn’t matter as long as it’s quality time

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By Danny Allen

Hey folks, I hope all is well. There’s a big family week coming up – Turkey Day, which is my favorite holiday if only for the reason that it gets family and friends together without having to buy gifts (ha-ha).


Well, with that being said, this week’s pictures and stories are based around family and friends, but mostly family – as some friends are like family. Probably a third of my trips are families that are out on the water in Cedar Key to spend time together and the fish catching is just a bonus. The laughs and the stories are some of the best. It’s a great time to share memories that will never be forgotten. It’s one of my favorite things about the business. The tough part is, it’s on me to make sure I’m doing my best for the extras (fish).

Sunday we had a chance to fish with the Camma family from Gainesville. Both parents are successful doctors in Gainesville with three little girls active in sports, but they all enjoy a day on the boat out in Cedar Key. Even with a busy life they find at least one day a month to catch fish and enjoy the day. We boated 14 keeper trout up to 22.5 inches. It was a great half-day trip.

The picture with the little girl and her first buck is a long-time friend of mine – Clint Sheppard’s daughter, Bailee Rae, from Keystone Heights. Bailee put her time in every chance she had with her dad as soon as gun season opened a few weeks back. The 8-point walked in range of their sitting spot and Bailee made a perfect shot to the bread basket. The buck ran 15 yards at most and layed down. The rest is history.

The father and daughter team had made a memory in their life that will never be forgotten.

Sometimes we get hung up in fishing and hunting over the bragging rights and hoopla of tournaments. The real deal of fishing and hunting lays in a successful day with a family member doing what they love and making memories that are never forgotten.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, have a happy holiday and enjoy family and friends. And as always, keep it salty.