Holiday plans at the Cedar Key Arts Center

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We are still looking for people to do a short (20 minutes or less) project for Holiday Mini Projects Party at the Cedar Key Arts Center on Second Street, Monday, Dec. 9. Members of the Arts Center make and take gifts. The materials cost can be reimbursed to the project demonstrators. We have jewelry and ceramic bowls planned among other items. 

Also, we need several gift items for sale in our “Small World” show for the Members Art Gallery beginning Nov. 23 and running through December. Artists are requested to bring their items, whether small paintings, ceramics, jewelry, etc., to the  Arts Center where will have a holiday show and sale. 

The Opening reception is Nov. 23 from 5-7 p.m. Please bring your items marked with your name and prices upstairs to the Art Gallery. Download the artist information form for the Keyhole and leave it with your work.

The Keyhole is responsible for all sales and will deduct 20-percent for the Arts Center, and 5-percent for the Keyhole processing fee. Price your article accordingly. For example if you want $10 for your item, then, add $2.50 onto the price, for a total sale price of $12.50. Monies are reimbursed the month following the sale, so make sure you fill out the form, and bring it with your items to the arts center by Sunday, Nov. 17.

Questions, call Amy G. at 352-215-2096.