Having great family fun

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By Danny Allen

Hope everybody had a great and safe Memorial Day.

My weekend started off kinda busy but slid right into some really needed family fun with the boys and my wife. I have been doing nothing but working lately, so the time was a must and it was awesome. Being from the walk of life that I'm from work during holiday weekends just kinda always happens.  This time I had a fall through deal and Sunday was fun day. Ha ha.

This last week was — in a fishermen's mind — the start of summer. The water temps begin to hover into the low 80s. And the fish seemed to notice. Our trout fishing became slow ... then slower ... and, by the weekend, kinda dead. This will fix itself as the water settles at "hot." The fish will regroup and be a li'l easier to find. As this is all taking place a few of those bigger targets like tarpon and cobia should become more frequent. Bait fish are moving in more and more each week.

Capt. Jimbo had a family out Saturday. While they were try'n to produce a trout bite of any kind they got a visit from a smoker. Yeah. A biggo kingfish hit little Dustin's jig rig and trout rod and gave him a run for the money. This is an example of "why go fishing when it's hot?" It may be slow fishing sometimes, but things that never happen do and they are memories for ever for that li'l angler.

My groups late week and weekend were turned in the direction of the redfish since the trout were being wimps. Once again we boated some really nice oversized fish up to 32 inches and lost some bigguns. We did manage some nice keepers up to 26.5" inches. So still doin' good there.

I got the chance to take a family from Tampa that fishes Cedar Key a lot. It was a good family trip with daughter, Racheal and sons, Tyler and Bry. These boys knew how to fish. They did great with those big reds. 

I also am hearing lots of good Spanish mackeral stories. Most are out off the Seahorse Reef. Find ya' some bait pods and troll some spoons around the area and see what goes down.

Well that's a rap for this week. C y'all on the water.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@ gmail.com or 352-215-3686.