Halloween in Cedar Key: Nobody does it better

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By Jenna McKenna

"From ghosties an' ghoulies an' long-leggety beasties and things that go, 'Hi, y'all!' in th' night, the good Lord deliver us!"

That's how the Halloween prayer would go if Scotsmen went to Cedar Key on that moon-brightened night.

Second Street was thronged with princesses and the undead, and every storefront shone a light on the foul beasts that tramped up every doorstep to croak, "Trick or Treat!"

Cedar Key did Halloween Tuesday night instead of Wednesday, and everybody got the memo. The littlest kids started Trick or Treating around 5:30, with schoolkids working their way downtown around 7, as night fell.

There were no Halloween Scrooges downtown, as everyone got into the holiday. City Code Inspector Teresa George and CRA Director Jackie Gorman ran the candy giveaway at City Hall, renamed "Creepy Hall" for the night. Carmen Day hosted City Commissioner Sue Colson's haunted pumpkin swamp in the garden adjacent to her Barefoot Artists' Gallery. The library had "Creepy Crawlies," a (very) temporary collection of native wildlife that included snakes, toads and salamanders.

Costumes ranged from silly to scary to "go figure!" as some folks went with store-bought regalia and others poured out their imaginations in hot glue, face paint and feathers. See Pages 8 and 9 for more Halloween goodness.