Gulf Cart Co. offers carefree rentals

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Solar panels installed on carts

By Ada Lang

Notice some sleek looking golf carts driving around with solar panels on their roofs? Well, you certainly won’t see one on the side of the road with a dead battery. That’s because the Gulf Kart Company, located across the street from City Park, is now sporting state of the art trickle chargers powered by the panels.
Owner George Oakley has been in the business for about 16 months and every time a customer would leave with a cart, he would worry that their battery might die and, that did happen once or twice. But, no more.
He started testing the solar panels on the roofs of the carts last November and now, he has installed panels on 11 of his “Karts” and the reports have been positive so far. He has a total of 14 carts and they include a 6-seater model, two Gator decorated models and two Seminole.
Oakley decided to make this transition to solar for two reasons. One is that he can assure customers that they will have all the juice they need and won’t have to worry about charging them. The second reason is because “I want happy customers” who aren’t stranded, particularly his many repeat customers.
Oakley said he believes that the return on his investment won’t be for years but now he sleeps easier at night.