Great weather, cool air and lots of reds

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By Danny Allen

Hey folks, can I get a “heck yeah” for our weather this week? My oh my, it was so nice to step onto the porch and get cool air in the face. It was good to drive the boat and feel a chill run through the spine. Dang it all, it was stinking nice. But it didn't last long. At least it isn't as hot, overall.

This weekend, the Big Bend Redfish Club held is season ending event and the deciding tournament for the team of the year. Going into the day, the team of Drummond and Hawkins had a 1.99lb-lead on the team of Holloway and Crews. 

At the end of the day, it was Holloway and Crews with a win. The team weighed in 12.49 to win the day. As the weigh in proceded, Drummond and Hawkins weighed in 11.37lbs. That weight was big enough to land them third for the day and hold on to their first place team of the year trophies by a whopping .81lbs. Close for team Holloway and Crews, but no cigar. It was a good season, with many lead changes and a few motor issues out of top rated teams. Those issue are heart breaking but also cause big jumps and keep things interesting.

Now, as far as fishing here in the key, it is back to stable again. We have dropped back a bit in big fish numbers. But  we're still boating a dozen or so reds in halfday trips.  I had some regulars from north Alabama in town this week for some redfishing. 

The Pearson family is getting the chance, about every other year, to come visit us. Their son Chris is in the army and had just come home from Afghanistan. We had an OK day but not as good as I would like to give him. 

On a good note, he boated the only two oversized fish and got the 25-inch trout of a lifetime. So, I felt alittle better ‘bout that. 

Saturday, I had a father and daughter out for the father’s birthday present. He called me and said, " Capt. Danny, its my  B-day, all I wanna do is catch some reds with my daughter, and we can't seem to find any." 

So, a little nervous 'bout the way the bite was Friday, I told him I didn't  think it will be worse than that. 

We went on to boat 14 reds, up to 30 inches. Boy, he was happy. Mr. Nick and his daughter, Tarian, were from Orlando, and they said they can't wait for the chance to return and do it again. '

Well folks, that 'bout covers it for this week. We'll see ya'll.