Grant purchases school admin's iPads

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By Mike Capshaw, Staff Writer

A non-agenda item highlighted Tuesday’s School Board of Levy County meeting.

During the “board comments” phase near the end of the one-hour meeting, Board Member Robert Philpot of Williston asked where the funds came from to purchase iPads for district administrators because the “perception is out there” the money came out of the General Fund Budget, he said. That was not the case as the funds came from a grant  meant to help with classroom walkthroughs and other aspects of teacher evaluations.

“None are being used to download (music) or games,” said Board Chair Rick Turner.

Another non-agenda item of interest was about the close of a sale on a parcel of land in Cedar Key. The property, which superintendent Bob Hastings said is valued at about $75,000, was purchased for $7,019 in back taxes to take over ownership as the title to the land was donated.

The land will increase student experiences, especially in Cedar Key’s vaunted aquaculture programs, as it has access to the Gulf of Mexico.

The consent agenda was unanimously approved and included an employee status change for Chiefland High Career Development Education coordinator Eli F. Beasley, who submitted a resignation for retirement.

“I’d like to recognize all the great things he’s done at Chiefland High School,” said Board Member Paige Brookins of Chiefland.

During the superintendent’s comments, Hastings applauded the efforts of district personnel who have been “working diligently” throughout the summer.

“I just want to say thank you to everybody,” Hastings said. “A lot of people don’t understand the hard work that goes on during the summer, even though school is not in session.”