Good weather = good fishing

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By Danny Allen

Hey folks, sorry I was absent last week, between life and fishing and building our house,  most of all my mental strength was a lil’ low.
But man, did we get a dose of the good stuff – that weather was so nice and well deserved, we’ve been battling high winds with rain off and on for the last month. I don’t think it’s wrong to say we deserve a break from the madness, but lo and behold, the forcast as of now says it’s back for the weekend. Moderate to high winds and small chance of rain for Saturday. I got my fingers crossed that this is one of those times the weatherman is wrong.
I have a special guest/client/uncle coming to town this weekend to fish and visit family. And a repeat visit from the Wiley family. So I kinda need the weather to act right.
We spent most of the week targeting speckled trout, it’s kinda the season for that. The reds are still trying to figure out it’s spring and it’s okay to come out and play. We have bait, we have warmer waters and we have lots of anglers pretending to be your friends – wanting you to step up to the plate. Man, that kinda got away from me, long story short.
The redfishing is still a little up and down. The trout fishing you can count on it. In our Cedar Key waters, trout fishing and the spring goes together like peas and carrots. So, if you like to eat ‘em or like to catch and release them, or if you have always wanted to target a gator trout, now is the time.
As we continue through March and April, it will only get better. Yep, it’s good now, but the best is still to come.
Check out the pics from last week and grab up the family and call Southern Salt Charters, we have a couple of spots left for the week. If we don’t when you call, we will give the numbers to some of the other fellas.
Be safe and have fun and stay SALTY!