A good problem to have — success

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By Ada Lang

Chef and owner of Tony’s Seafood, Eric Jungklaus has not had a day off in weeks and is completely exhausted. But, it is his own fault. He is a victim of his own tremendous success. 

On June 4, his one-of-a-kind clam chowder won for the third time at the “Great Chowder Cook-off” in Newport, Rhode Island and now it is really, Really, REALLY popular. So popular that the recipe will have to be retired into the Chowder Hall of Fame but hungry fans will still be able to enjoy it around the country and at his Cedar Key restaurant.

Since the win, the media is calling, the restaurant has been packed and the phone is ringing off the hook. The website is overrun with hits orders are backing up and need to be shipped out —as soon as his crew can make more batches of the elixir. He barely has time to order supplies or cook. Or, sleep. 

When asked what is next, he answered that he is continuing to work on a canned version of the soup that will be available. However, he does not plan to develop another recipe and try again to win in Rhode Island. 

Some things just can’t be improved upon.