Good fishing weather on the horizon

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying this little shot of nice weather and, man, let’s hope it lasts a little while. We need some kind of good trend with no wind, no rain, and maybe, just maybe, our water will get cleared up some.
This overflow of the river system puts the brakes on some of our beloved clam industry and slows up the fishing a bit. It’s not all that pretty to look at either, to be honest, but on the flip side our earth needs rain. It’s kind of a must. So, the water tables should be in good shape now and let’s hope the rest of the gulf gets there soon.
This week was a tough one due to the wind and rain, but we managed to boat some fish and also managed to cancel some trips. Due to the messy water, the trout was the easiest target. I had low water on most of the days I fished, which hurts a little on the redfish species for my boat. A high visibility color worm on a jig head is doing okay on the trout fishing, it’s easier to find in the water due to the color issue.
The big story is the Spanish may have been an almost-every-trip catch as they are easing into the flats scene. As the bait pods show up more and more this month, there will be more Spanish and blue fish, Jack cravelle and some sharks as well. Our red fishing will continue to get better as we go and they pull from the little hiding spots in the creeks.
Just a little FYI: the local LTD outdoors chapter is holding its 1st Annual Kids Tournament at the Clay Landing boat ramp on the Suwannee River out by Manatee Springs on May 3. It’s a fun little half-day event that will be cool for the kids. There will be lots of giveaways and prizes. You can find more info on Facebook or their site. Just google LTD Florida Outdoors.
That’s all I have this week y’all. Keep it salty and enjoy the weather.