Girls do it again, four-peat at county meet

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By Jenna McKenna

With 98 points, Cedar Key girls won the team scoring at Tuesday's running of the Levy County Track Meet, and Shark boys placed second in their competition with 83.5.

Host Cedar Key head coach Brad Penney proudly informed the crowd in attendance that another school record had been set with Samantha Beckham's 10'0" pole vault success.

"That's also a tie for state runner-up among 1A schools," he said.

Boys also had an outstanding outing, narrowly falling behind Williston in team scoring.

The absence of two consistent high performers due to illness in the family was keenly felt by the Sharks, but the team persevered.

Results (top three per event)


Girls' team results: Cedar Key, 98; Williston, 54; Bronson, 40; Chiefland, 21

Boys' team results: Williston, 99.5; Cedar Key, 83.5; Chiefland, 58; Bronson, 5

Girls' results: (B=Bronson, C=Chiefland, CK=Cedar Key, W=Williston)

Shot put: Elizabeth Gay, B, 30’10”; Shawna Fenton, CK, 29’6”; Isabella Luther, W, 24’9”

High jump: Kacey Miller, CK, 4’6”; Caely Hibbits, CK, 4’4”; Chelsey Wright, W, 4’2”

Pole vault: Samantha Beckham, CK, 10’0”; Deanna Littlefield, CK, 7’0”; Shawna Fenton, CK, 6’0”

Long jump: Suzie Smith, W, 15’10”; Kamize Johnson, B, 14’10”; Rasheedeth Johnson, B, 14’7”

Discus: Samantha Beckham, CK, 82’0”; Shawna Fenton, CK, 73’7”, Elizabeth Gay, B, 70’11”

Triple jump: Samantha Beckham, CK, 32’0”; Marissa Rodriguez, W, 26’8”; Caely Hibbits, CK, 26’0”

4X800 relay: Cedar Key, 14:27

110 hurdles: Suzie Smith, W, 17:45; Deanna Littlefield, CK, 20:22; Kala Kilpatrick, C, 23:31

100m: Suzie Smith, W, 13.33; Kamize Johnson, B, 14.19; Marissa Rodriguez, W, 14.26

1600m: Allie Wheeler, C, 6:04; Sarah Jones, W, 6:54; Megan Stuber, CK, 6:55

4X100 relay: Williston, 57.60; Bronson, 1:06.00;

400m: Kacey Miller, CK, 1:06.00; Chelsey Wright, W (time not recorded)

300 low hurdles: Samantha Beckham, CK, 51.44; Deanna Littlefield, CK (time not recorded)

800m: Kacey Miller, CK, 2:57; Allie Wheeler, C, 3:01; Sarah Jones, Williston, 3:09

200m: Kamize Johnson, B, 31.05; Rasheedeth Johnson, B, 32.47; Petearra Phillips, B, 32.49

3200m: Kacey Miller, CK, 17:53; Allie Wheeler, C, 17:53; Zo Stuber, CK, 17:53

Highest scoring girl: Kacey Miller, CK, 24 pts

Boys’ results:

Shot put: Anthony Brown, W, 38’5”; Ryan Chancey, W, 36’3”; Geremey Williams, W, 35’5”

High jump: Matt Reichert, CK, 5’4”; Justin Speegle, CK, 5’4”; Joseph Bishop, CK, 5’2”; Ryan Chancey, W, 5’2”

Pole vault: Josh Loyd, CK, 11’0”; Joseph Bishop, CK, 8’6”; Matt Reichert, CK, 7’0”

Long jump: Travis Evans, W, 21’6”; Dontrell Edwards, W, 20’5”; Brian Williams, W, 19’3”

Discus: Chauncey Primous, W, 100’6”; Colby Brock, C, 97’1”; Richie Rain, CK, 92’1”

Triple jump: Justin Speegle, CK, 36’2 ”; Jamantaye Thompson, C, 35’1 ”; Josh Loyd, CK, 34’9”

4X800 relay: Williston, 9:58; Cedar Key, 12:49

110 hurdles: Brian Williams, W, 18.20; Josh Loyd, CK, 20.44; Joseph Bishop, CK, 25.44

100m: Travis Evans, W, 10.71; Genesis Cilo-Cilo, C, 11.22; Miles Mitchem, C, 11.63

1600m: Ty Hiers, C, 5:32; Austin Moore, W, 5:43; Frankie Beckham, CK, 5:48

4X100 relay: Chiefland, 46.29; Williston, 46.90; Bronson, 54.70

400m: Mark Cilo-Cilo, C, 58.87; Justin Speegle, CK, 58.96; Marquise Graham, W, 1:02.00

300m low hurdles: Zachary Tyson, C, 45.05; Brian Williams, W, 46.22; Josh Loyd, CK, 47.19

800m: Alex Travis, W, 2:34; Justin Speegle, CK, 2:38; Cole Youngblood, W, 2:42

200m: Genesis Cilo-Cilo, C, 23.15; Travis Evans, W, 23.95; Chauncey Primous, W, 24.84

3200m: Frankie Beckham, CK, 14:48; Hunter Cannon, CK, 15:53; Cole Youngblood, W, 16:56

4X400: Chiefland, 4:05; Williston, 4:09

Highest scoring boy: Justin Speegle, CK, 18 pts.