Getting to know your 3 City Commission candidates - meet Dave Feigin

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Name of Candidate: Dave Feigin

Political Office Sought: Cedar Key City Commission Seat #3

Type of Race: Local

Party Affiliation: Independent

Profession: Business Owner

Education: Graduated High School in 1973. US Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement School and Officer in Charge School.

Family Information: Married to Cris.

Organization Affiliations: American Legion, AMVETS, Retired Enlisted Association, Cedar Key Aquaculture Association.

Political Experience: I ran for District 10 State Representative this past November. I was defeated, but gained a world of knowledge. While in the Coast Guard, I worked with multiple city, state and foreign agencies. These various jobs entailed maintaining communications with city officials, working on joint projects that required keeping multiple individuals informed, honoring commitments to local municipalities for services and coordinated law enforcement efforts.

Why are you running for this office? As a resident and small business owner, I feel that I can bring a steady view point of what happens in our city. I have had a career of experiences, from having command of a Coast Guard Station, to being responsible for the dispatch of multiple assets needed to get a job done. This area, in particular, taught me how to work with multiple individuals and agencies.

One thing that my time in the Coast Guard did teach me was how to do more with less. Our city and community are most unique in our state. We have the opportunity to make sure that what we have here, what people come here to see and do, remains a vibrant and flourishing place.

While I was campaigning this past year I came to realize all of the things I mentioned above. I believe that I can offer real viable solutions to the problems we have and those that we will face in the future. And, most importantly, even though I have only resided here, in comparison, for a short time, this is the finest community I have ever lived in, worked in and is made up of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

What do you believe are the top issues? We must reduce the city debt first and for most. Our infrastructure continues to improve and that must also con- tinue. We need to make sure that our residents are provided the best services that can be made available. Tourism needs to be encouraged, while we still retain our own identity. Our watermen also need to have facilities improved so that their harvests can be brought to market. There have been great leaps made in the area of emergency management, but this area needs to be continually up graded and practiced.