Getting to know your 3 City Commission candidates - meet Dale Register

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Name of Candidate: Dale Register

Political Office Sought: City Commissioner

Type of Race: Local

Party Affiliation: (None listed)

Profession:Retired Telecommunications Manager and currently, partner with Ken Edmunds in Delta Coast Energy Solutions

Education: Gainesville High School, University of Florida (Electrical Engineering) and M I T (Masters in Management)

Family Information: wife, Grace; daughter, Melanie Marshall; son, Brad Register; and step son, Aaron Venable.

Organization Affiliations: Director in C K Lions Club, member of Cedar Key Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce

Political Experience: No previous political experience

Why are you running for this office? My wife and I love Cedar Key and plan to stay for the rest of our lives. I am offering my time, previous experience and willingness to serve, to improve the City Commission and give something back to this community. Cedar Key citizens deserve a choice in their leaders rather than the usual “unopposed” elections for incumbents.

I attend most commission meetings and participate often. The frustration with the lack of teamwork and prob- lem solving is high----along with embarrassment at the behavior of some of the commissioners. It seems to me, that we deserve better.

I learned from my parents that you should not complain about something, unless you are willing to help improve it. So, I am presenting the voters a clear choice that would result in much of that needed improvement.

What do you believe are the top issues? Fiscal and budget management, leadership, problem solving and professionalism - mixed with common sense. Let me give you some examples:

The annual budget setting workshops, which ultimately lead to tax bills, are painful. Leadership by the current mayor/commissioner has been ineffective. The final budget results are often dictated by the pet projects of individual commissioners and their personal agendas.

The Commission wasted $1,500 last year for insurance for the July 4th fireworks that could have been easily avoided by using City owned property. The liability risk for the City and its citizens was significantly increased in that same decision. It now appears that the wasted $1,500 for insurance has carried over to 2011 and that may have occurred before the vote to determine the location (changed to City property).

During the decision process for the new Waste Pro contract (that includes curbside recycling), two of the commissioners refused to support the decision in spite of citizen surveys in favor of the new contract. The vote was 3-2 and Commissioner O’Neal was one of the dissenters. Since then, the City has started saving more and more money on tipping fees, as recycling has increased steadily. Mayor O’Neal does not use a curbside recycling bin.

The February City Commission meeting was moved from the scheduled 3rd Tuesday by Mayor O’Neal due to a conflict by an unnamed commissioner. The result of the 4th Tuesday meeting was that a different commissioner could not attend and still only 4 commissioners were present. Some citizens that would have attended could not make the shift and also missed the meeting.

So Mayor O’Neal had a better solution for the March meeting-------cancel it completely! Maybe we actually do not need a City Commission if monthly meetings are not necessary.

I could go on but this should get us started. The citizens of Cedar Key deserve a CHOICE and I am offering my candidacy. My previous business experience in planning, budgeting, priority setting and problem solving will make a difference. Please VOTE on May 3------------ REGISTER your CHOICE for City Commissioner.