Gettin’ back to fishin’ after missing last week

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By Danny Allen

Hey everybody, sorry for missing last week. I spent most of the week out of town and not on the water. A fishing report that is made up, not really my style. 

This week I was able to wet a boat four days. I went to the Waccassassa River one day, Horseshoe Beach one day and the Suwannee River and my backyard good ol’ Cedar Key.

I did the best here in Cedar Key. 

Sunday I had another one of those trips I really enjoy: a grandpa, a dad, and a grandson. 

We had a real eventful halfday of redfishing. We boated 14 reds, one too big and one too small, and 12 keepers. 

The folks had a great time competing on who would have the next fish and whose was the biggest. I love groups that get involved like that.   

We also held our June event for the redfish club last Saturday. It was tuff fishing for some teams.

As the team of Lane and Lane picked up 13.01 pounds to win their first event in five years. 

And big fish honors went to the local team of Drummond and Hawkins with a biggo 7.43 pound redfish.

Frank Paleaz got the big trout honorably with a 3.89 pound trout. That makes his first win in any catagory so slow for some folks but some cool stuff in return.

My team struggled a little. We weren’t on the right size fish to win and made a run to a safe zone — an area we felt held lots of fish so we could catch a lot— knowing the bite was gonna be slow. 

The more fish the better the odds, especially in a lures-only tournament. Our plan was to just get two and see what happens. 

Well, the bite was really slow, we didn’t get many bites, and I broke off a few times with fish by fishing over rock piles. And we got a few oversized.

We only wieghed in one really nice 26.5 inch, 6.25-pound red that died and we lost a pound of worthy. So yeah, not our day.  

This weekend’s gonna be busy so be careful on the water. And we’ll c’Yall there.

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.