Florida Master Gardener Class coming in March

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 Sponsored by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS)  and the Cooperative Extension Service, the Florida Nature Coast Master Gardener Program announces its 2013 class series.

This exciting, informative, informal program is a gathering of individuals who enjoy learning and sharing knowledge about the world around them and helping others to do so. The program’s goal is to protect and sustain natural resources and environmental systems, enhance the development of human resources, and improve the quality of human life.  

Classes involve discussion, knowledge sharing, field trips and much camaraderie.

Experienced instructors Barbara Edmonds, Anthony Drew and UF Extension faculty and specialists create an energetic, enhanced, comfortable learning environment for both beginning and experienced gardeners. Topics include basic principles in plant science, plant pest control (disease, weeds and insects), soil fertility, and water use among others. 

Examples of applied skills and knowledge covered are plant propagation, plant problem diagnosis, Florida Friendly landscape design, vegetable and fruit gardening (organic and traditional). 

WHO: You and your novice and experienced gardening friends.

WHAT:    The Florida Master Gardener 2013 Class.

WHERE:  Bronson at the Levy County Extension Office,  625 North Hathaway Avenue.

WHEN: Tuesdays, from March 5 through April 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

HOW: Call Barbara Edmonds 352-486-5131, download application from  http://levy.ifas.ufl.edu/master_gardener_program.shtml, scroll to the bottom and click “2013 History and Application” or email savemygarden@gmail.com

Mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope, including 66-cents postage with your name, mailing address with zip code, and telephone number to: NCMG Advisor Board, PO Box 219, Bronson, Fl  32621.

Pick up an application at the Levy County Extension Office, 625 North Hathaway, Avenue, Bronson, Fl 32621. Applications are also available at Gilchrist and Dixie County Extension offices.

FEES:  A $100 non-refundable fee for course materials will be due the first day of class. Class material is applicable to soil and climate conditions found in Levy, Dixie and Gilchrist counties.

APPLIATION DUE:  Friday, Feb. 15.  

Florida Master Gardener is a title awarded exclusively to individuals who complete this training and provide seventy (70) hours volunteer service to the Nature Coast Master Gardener (NCMG) tri-county program. Volunteer hours are fulfilled in many ways such as assisting in plant clinics, assisting homeowners as a Florida Yard Advisor, working with clientele at fairs and expositions, responding to homeowner inquiries at the extension office, working with 4-H and other youth programs, assisting with NCMG website, maintaining Discovery Garden, Bronson and e-newsletter photographer to name a few. The 2013 class is co-sponsored by Williston Farm Supplies and Services and Growers Fertilizer Corporation.   All extension programs and services are open to all without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin or handicap.