Fishing Report - Oct. 8

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By Danny Allen

 Hey everyone hope all is well. I had a kinda boring week as far as charters go, but I had by far the most exciting for my business and my overall passion for fishing. My excitement for fishing started early and kinda cruised until I was 19. That’s when the every weekend redfishing kicked in, that’s what it took to kill the bug work all week. To fish one day just didn’t seem fair. I fished my first tournament in Wacassassa Bay in Oct. of 2000. I took First in Big Red, and First in Big Trout, and Second in Total Weight. That was pretty cool. It fueled my passion for fishing even more.

Then I decided that charter fishing was the next step. The idea was fun, taking folks from other walks of life and walking them through mine, putting smiles on their faces. It’s fun. Well now the moral of this story: I have more passion and respect for fishing than I have time or money or connections to totally complete my thoughts as to where I wanna end up when it’s all said and done.

Well this week Capt. Bill Miller host of the TV show "Hooked on Fishing" out of Tampa Bay Fl, self acclaimed writer, certified grand master angler, and author of his very own book, Fish Smart and Catch More, was on my boat this week filming a fishing show for Bright House Networks. The show will air Tuesday, live from the studio in Tampa where I will be sitting in and talkin’ fishin’ and answering questions about the history and the fishing of Cedar Key.

And if that’s not exciting enough, I also have an outdoors writer with ESPN coming in a few weeks to do a story on fishing in Cedar key. SO needless to say this week was very fulfilling for the ol’ passion level and some really good exposure for our little town of Cedar Key.

I also wanna take this chance to thank Andy and Stanley Bair for keeping the Island Hotel so awesome. It’s a big part of what Cedar Key is all about. It’s a real magnet for people coming in and looking for something out of the ordinary like Cedar Key and all its surroundings.


Now the fishing was good. We started fishing about 8:30 and stopped about 1:00. We caught about 22 redfish up to 29 inches, a banner day for sure. All the reds were very healthy and released to fight another day. Our trout fishing remains to get better as we go into the fall direction. Bobbers and a leader about 2ft to 4ft deep will work.

I posted a pic this week of my youngest little me, Dillan Allen. This little man has been in the papers before for his baseball skills, but this time it’s his fishin’ skills. This little one is on the fish gods’ A list – man that’s a good place to be. I’m gonna challenge everyone out there if you have a more cute, more satisfying fishing picture than this of a child, please send it in to us cause this picture is what it’s all about. Little Dillan is very proud and very happy. This redfish was 26.5" long. So in closing, take a kid fishing and send us some pics and a little story about it.