Fishing Report - Aug. 27

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By Danny Allen

Hello to all our Cedar Key guests and to our locals, howdy.

This week I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone for all the kind words about the fishing reports. Anyone that knows me knows I'm no ritter (haha) but I do love to talk fishin.

I wanna start with something not found in Cedar Key much anymore: the oh so scarce scallops. Now, I like to mix charter scallop trips with fishing. It really is a perfect mix for the whole family, kids may sometimes be done with fishing in a few hours. That's when you take over to the scallop banks an drop ‘em off with some masks and snorkels an’ bags – oh, and a float. And then we go back to fishin (ahha just kiddin’).

Just a few weeks back I had a elderly couple from Tampa scalloping, they were upset they had been in Florida for 32 years and never been, an’ wish they would have went back when they had more juice in the tank (hey, that's their words not mine).

Non the less we got a limit, six nice trout, and four nice reds all caught on top water. Now the limit on scallops is two gallon in the shell per person an 10 total per boat but must have five people to get 10 gallons.

If you've never been try an’ go - you will enjoy it. And the season is July 1 to Sept. 10.

The redfish is my favorite species – its the pride and joy of my charters. Whether its fishing topwater, burning spoons or spinnerbaits or pitching a finesse worm or just lay’n a piece of cut bait on the bottom, its top notch fun.

It seems we have plenty of reds right now. I’ve seen lots of good reports this week ranging from captains to college kids over for the day just given it a try ( I really thought I was the only one – guess not, ahha).

The redfish will continue to get better, as will our trout fishing. Our air temps will cool, our water will cool, and the fishing will get hot. Now, so that there's no failure to communicate this week: scallops, redfish, and trout are the big success topics this week.

Next week we gonna go on down to grouper town to talk about some more yo yo rules. Till then, take a kid fish’n or a grandma scalloping. Both will be fun..... Later gators....