Fishing Report - Aug. 20

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By The Staff

 Hello to Cedar Key and its far away visitors. Fishing this week seemed to have picked up.

I was out this morning and we were able to catch some nice reds.

Bait was everywhere.

I think our cooler water has caused more bait to surface. My friend Capt. Jim Keith showed me a pic of a big Spanish, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen - then the other day we was redfishing an’ caught one about the same size.

My cousin almost caught one with his face the other day on the way to the ramp. He was sitting on my gunnel when one jumped. One more half a second at 35 miles an hour and he would have been speakin’ Spanish the rest of the day.

Well you get the point if you like to catch Spanish an’ I say holy mackeral – now’s the time. I have seen them inside, outside around the islands, and I have seen the best in front of town.

Trout kinda remains the same off an on with some shorts to keep ya busy. Not much to say for the big game. I didn't get any chances, or did I talk to anyone that fished for cobia or tarpon this week.

So if anyone wants to let us know, send us a pic, or you can just email and tell me the story, an’ we can talk about it next week. That goes for any species.

Let me know what ya did – we can put it right in. There's plenty of lines to fill. Well until next week – watch the storms, fish safe and tight lines to all.