Fishing: Ready for the red fish

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Take that Alaska!

By Danny Allen

OK! Holy cow! Our redfishing is good right now.
It's the fall, the water's cooling a little, the spawners are doing their thing, and me and my customers love it.
I had few new groups this week which is always good. I fished a really nice couple from out at the Cedar Key RV grounds. They were from Mississippi. First time ever visiting Cedar Key.
They loved us — ha ha. They said they would be back this winter to stay a whole month. I put them on a slammin' day redfishing. At the first of the trip the wife was braggin 'about their Alaskan salmon trip they had so much fun on. At the end of our day she told her husband, "I had more fun today with the redfish than the salmon." Ha ha, yah, thats what I'm talkin' about.
BAMM. Cedar Key 1 Alaska 0.
Thats why I personally love the redfish. It will steal a man or woman's heart quick I tell ya'.
I haven't really fished for anything else lately, its hard not to redfish when you can catch 20 to 30 reds a day.
I do have to tell ya' about a pretty cool deal one of my customers from around Starke area that applied for a gator tag. He went on the hunt last Saturday and, man, he killed a 13.5 foot gator that weighed 1,000 pounds.
I'm getting the pictures for y'all but it will be in next week’s paper. I'ma tell whether he was mindeing his own business or not. He is best not swimming around. That's a biggo gator. He can eat what ever he wants when he wants. That's not a good thing.
Well thats about it for the week hope all is well.
C ya' on the water.