Fishing Lines: When all hope is lost, Reds come through

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

Still not many reports from offshore as strong east winds have made offshore fishing uncomfortable. My best guess is that as the days get shorter the fish come in closer, especially down by Crystal River and Homosassa. The King mackerel fishing has been so poor all year that I do not expect any kind of a run this fall. I would love to be wrong however.

Inshore the trout fishing is still poor, but I have no idea why. But the redfish are taking up the slack. A group of very large reds came through our area last week. Most that my clients caught were well over the slot size. You could tell that they had just arrived as their bellies were very white compared to our resident fish, making for some great photos.

I came across several feeding frenzies last week, but every one was ladyfish. Ladyfish are great fun but most people tire of them quickly. There seems to be a major hatch of some kind of fish out there; most of the fry were less than an inch long. I never did really make a positive ID on them, but the ladyfish are certainly in seventh heaven.

My brother Zed spent the entire weekend in his tree stand as bow season is now in full swing. I can't imagine a deer coming within a mile of his tree stand, as the tobacco spit really builds up under his stand. He always offers me a "chaw" of his favorite brand called "horse head" chewin' backy. Just the thought makes me shiver. Oh well, each to his own.

Maybe the cooler weather will get the trout interested.

Now for some serious news. If you happen to come down to go fishin'" please visit some of our restaurants as times are tough in our Island community. You will be graciously appreciated. If we don't visit them soon, someday they may not be there for us. So, get on down here and have a nice meal...tell your friends...and order the clam chowder...its great!

Capt. Dennis Voyles is a fishing guide working out of Cedar Key.