Fishing Lines: Timely rains

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

In spite of searing heat the recent timely rains are keeping our inshore water temperatures from rising. Last year at this time the water temps were nearly five degrees higher. An old timer once told me, "Heavy rain sweetens the water and improves the bite." Well I am sure that it improves the mosquito bite as well as the fish.Seems to be true this year as the trout and redfish bite seems to be above average for early August.

Big fish are still the best bet as some huge sharks are roaming our flats and provide a great battle. Several fishermen told me lately that they hooked fish that they couldn't even turn, much less slow down.

The cobia run may have finally started; but is a trickle at best. Most guides have caught fewer cobia this year than in several years. My boat tags short and released legal cobia so if you catch a cobia check around the dorsal fin for a small yellow tag about the size of a coffee stir straw. The tag has all of the information for you to report the fish. If the fish is sub-legal, just quickly write down the tag number and call in the info. Most of all, if you plan to release the fish get it into the water as fast as possible. And, for heavens sake, please do not gaff short fish.

Offshore the red grouper are on fire, but you may need to spend some time getting to them as most reports are coming from very deep water. The kings never did really use our area this year.

Scallops seem to be going strong both to our north and south, but for some reasom they do not seem to like to visit Cedar Key. I have no idea why.

Hey, it's hot out there so take plenty of water along.