Fishing Lines: Show a little self-control

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

I don't know how so many fishing catalog companies get my name and address (I barely know it myself), but during this time of the year I nearly need a wheelbarrow to haul all of them to the house every day.

Well, actually my wife picks up the mail, but these magazines keep her strong.

A couple of companies have already sent me three catalogs. Some even have specialty catalogs like "footwear edition," and "saltwater edition," then there is always the "50 percent off edition" which is all of the stuff that has been in the warehouse for six years and ain't sold one of em yet.

And one company sends me their "Master Catalog" which has a hard cover and must weigh five pounds. It has 1,508 pages and the cover is so hard you could use it for a fillet board ( need a new one this year anyway, that old slab of cypress that I use is becoming "dished").

It took me three months to read The Grapes of Wrath and it was only 800 pages. Of course it didn't have as many pictures.

You can get anything you want in these catalogs, heck they even have camo pajamas for your wife. If you need a Jackalope mount or a full size Buffalo head, trophy moose that you didn't shoot, jewelry (get your wife a pair of quail dropping earrings for Valentines Day and let me know how that goes ), black powder pistols from pre-Civil War, and even full sized gun safes.

Man can you imagine the shipping costs on a big gun safe? Its got to be unreal.

Of course everybody needs antler furniture.

Anyway, every year I get to looking at some of the new lures and start thinking "Man, I KNOW that I could catch fish at the xxxxxx on the xxxxx tides when the wind is out of the xxxxx.

The more I look at them the more I am sure that they will work. The reels don't have any scratches, the rods have full sets of line guides, everything is so....then you get on the phone and start ordering.

The temptation is there and it is so easy to put it on your credit card and deal with the finances later(and the beating your wife gave you). That is one major disadvantage of winter: too much time to look at magazines full of lures that just can't miss.

So far this winter I have held myself to ordering only the absolute necessities - like the luminescent, double-jointed, deep-diving, super-wiggle, internal-multiple-rattle, laser- sharp-hook, scented, neutrally-buoyant, lifelike, pre-rigged, soft-body lures. And of course I need them in 72 color patterns in four sizes. So I feel pretty good that I wasn't drawn in by these companies and their advertising to spend my wife's hard earned money frivolously.

Have a good week, and try to order just what you need...good luck with that. Soon the water will warm up, the winds will subside and we can all get back on the water.