Fishing Lines? Muddy water? Give fish something to sniff

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

I get a lot of fishing lures given to me to "try out." Some of them are so far out I have to force myself to tie them on and give them a few feeble casts.

About two years ago someone gave me a big bag of soft plastic grubs that were cream colored with a chartreuse flipper tail. To top it off, they smelled like garlic. They were kind of nice looking but the fish that year had no interest in them whatsoever. So I put them in the "special" drawer of my filing cabinet and pretty much forgot about them.

Yes, I am a pack rat of sorts...so what?

Anyway, I am rifling through the "special" drawer this spring and come along this bag of cream grubs that smell like a pizza and say to myself...."Self, those just might work in this windblown chocolate Yoo Hoo water that we have this year."

So I throw them in the grub box thinking I will give them just a few casts.

The first drift using the pizza grubs we catch a dozen trout, five of which go in the box.

Holy cow! I would have bet hard-earned money that they wouldn't even catch anything more than hardhead catfish.

It just goes to show that these fish will accept a wide variety of lures when they are feeding. You just need to find fish that are "in the mood."

By 11 a.m. we have our limit of trout and head out to hunt redfish the rest of the day. The same day one of my friends tells me that "motor oil" (light green) was best for him.

Hey, the fish were "on" and that's all there is to it.

I am pretty sure all of the fish are here now. I have not hung a tarpon yet but a 100-lb plus fish rolled right in front of my boat last week.

And yes...I do have the fever now. Nothing boils my blood faster than a big silver leaping out of the water, shaking his head with my big game 50 in his mouth.

Oh my, what a feeling. Then the line peels off like its tangled in a speedboat's prop. Try keeping a normal heartbeat when that happens.

Only one cure for tarpon fever...vitamin sea, menhaden oil, and fresh mullet.

Hey, the best month of fishing is upon us....go get 'em.