Fishing Lines: Hooray! Big fish are back!

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

The big fish have returned. The food web in our inshore/near shore waters is now nearly complete. With the exception pf tarpon, all of the large predators are now available for some major tug-O-war action. Oh and speaking of big fish, there are several manatees in the area so be on the lookout for these gentle giants.

Holy mackerel! The mackerel that are running the edge of the flats are huge! Monday we caught six that went over thirty inches. Now those are some hefty Macs. Interestingly enough they were caught on freshwater crank baits.

The trout bite is excellent, both speckled and white trout are plentiful and are in full swing. Please use forward thinking when/if you happen to catch some very large spawning females. Just ask yourself if the big fish is better used as one meal or millions of future meals. Any educated person can answer this one correctly.

Redfish are plentiful but many still are below the slot limit (18 inches). I have yet to find an oyster bar that they do not inhabit. Now finding keepers is a different story.

The art festival is this weekend (12-13) and boat trailer parking will be next to non-existent. Perhaps a different port would be wise this weekend.

Support our kids! Most all of the food booths in the park this weekend will directly support our school children...especially the grouper sandwiches...which are the best grouper sandwiches in the park! These tasty treats are the same price as last year, so get on down here! Our festival has more artists than last year too! So this is a win-win situation...great food, and great art and super nice weather.