Fishing Lines: Fishing pretty good, when fish can see

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

I remember when I was a kid, we had a great product called Nestlé Quik. You took plain milk and added one or two spoonfuls (or three) of this powder to your milk and you instantly had chocolate milk. The mix was great.

Now you are saying to yourself, "Has this guy finally flipped his lid? I knew those middle school kids would eventually drive him crazy."

Maybe so... but my point is about fishing. You see, the Suwannee river is flooding, and tons of Georgia topsoil, mixed with tannic acid from the leafy riverbank are belching into the Gulf just a few miles from Cedar Key.

Then comes the Northeast wind, and this mix that looks like your chocolate milk made with Nestlé Quik is blown onto our inshore waters here in Cedar Key.

The trout can see well for about an eighth of an inch. So, guess how they are biting when this stuff blows in...

When the water is semi-clear the bite is good, and some big trout are being caught.

I had a young man about to be shipped out to Iraq last Saturday who caught a 25 and a 22. These are real brutes. Both were returned to insure the future of our fishery.

The redfish seem to be in good supply this spring. And it is good to see reds of all sizes. We are catching fish anywhere from 12 inches on up to 30 inches. Both artificial and live bait is working well.

I ran out to the mackerel grounds last week when the full moon was producing monster tides inshore, thinking that the macs would be "on fire."

But they actually were cold cuts. We caught a dozen or so in three hours of hard fishing, but they were very nice-sized Spanish mackerel. Most were three to five pounds, which I regard as above average.

No news from the grouper ruling this week. I guess they will give us the results in June.

The grouper bite looks to be good, since several of the grouper boats are back on shore by mid-afternoon.

The kings should be here by now. I would have thought that the full moon would get them started, but the cold front a week ago drove the water temperature down for a few days likely playing havoc on their thin skin.

That's all for this week.

Leave a float plan before you leave shore, it's a good thing.