Fishing Lines: Fishing? Gators? Hunting? Tough choices for fall

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

There are a lot of tough choices to make in the next two months or so, something will have to give.

Wow...September and October are filled with really tough choices for the avid outdoorsman. First of course there is fishing. The big offshore reds come by this month and will stay for anywhere from a week or so to several weeks. Most of them will be in the forty to fifty inch class, which is not legal to keep, but sure-nuf fun to catch. Next, the Spanish mackerel on the flats are frenzy feeding and are the biggest mackerel of the year. Sadly, they will leave with the first cold front when the bait pods say "adios amigos." The trout will start to fill their bellies aggressively in preparation for winter, though their numbers have been severely reduced, there will be some plump slot trout looking for an easy meal.

Offshore the grouper fishing will only get better and easier. As water temperatures dip, their appetites will spike...making for some serious fun both on the boat and at the table. Frozen baits will do as well as live baits.

Of course if you have Gator tickets, you know exactly what to do every "home" saturday.

Then there are the opportunities in the field. The next two months we have early duck season, bow season, dove season, muzzleloader season, dog training season and crossbow season. Wow... there are some tough contenders to the fishing scene.

Wind will play a big part in making your decision. Most sports afield can tolerate a stiff wind, but try drifting the flats or anchoring up on a windward redfish spot.

Anyway, good luck deciding which to choose, they are all great fun...and hey remember to include the kids, they will choose your nursing home so get on their good side now.

Capt. Dennis Voyles is a fishing guide working out of Cedar Key.