Fishing Lines: Cold snap, wind combine to make trout touchy

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By Capt. Dennis Voyles

Cold has once again pushed the water temps down below the 70 degree mark, and is throwing the trout bite into a tailspin.

Add to the equation the wind-blown water so dirty that you can't see an inch deep and it all adds up to some challenging fishing.

My thinking is to use bright colors that make lots of noise. It is going to take a few days of steady weather for things to return to normal.

In the ongoing saga of new grouper regulations, here is the new scoop. The vote has been delayed until June, and they are actually thinking about a three gag limit. Add to this one red grouper and the news seems much more palatable than one gag and one red.

It's all just talk right now but they have actually said that the one gag ruling may be a premature knee jerk reaction, and they want to get more data. I see this as a very positive stance for a change.

Not that it matters one way or the other, we seem be having some great grouper fishing in this area right now.

WARNING: There is an airboat tournament this Saturday (April 19) and along with a full moon low tide in the morning, launching at our ramps could be a problem.

Last year the boats lined up far into the city and clogged the ramp area for several hours. If you plan to launch here remember that we have very limited parking facilities on tournament days.

I would like to personally thank those who supported our FFA fish sandwich stand at the art festival last weekend. Your support allows our students to attend FFA conventions, maintain our clam farm, and travel to educational tours like the museum of science and industry.

Thank you very much. The fish was very good and many people complimented our chef.

Big fish have entered the flats. We caught and tagged a short cobia last week.

By the way, if you catch a cobia check it for a tag. My boat tagged 30-some last year, none of which have been recaptured and reported to date.

The tags are on the port side of the dorsal fin, and are a little thinner than a coffee stir straw.

The directions for reporting the tag is in small letters so you will need your tri-focals to read it.