Fishing with Capt'n Danny Allen

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It's a backcountry bonanza for fishin' is the phrase for the week

By Danny Allen

Everyone, the phrase for
the week is "Backcountry
Bonanza." I have been wearin'
it out, cause this is my second
most favorite fishing season.
I love to fish cooling temperatures.
This pre-winter
period of time is great for
those adventurous anglers that
aren't scared to dent a prop
Getting back to those
honey holes can make that
happen for ya'. This time of
the year the trout and redfish
like to hang out in lil' depressional
spots that pool up water
while the flats are low. Getting
into those spots before the
water presses up onto the adjacent
flats, can produce some
awesome fishing.
If it doesn't happen and you
have to wait for water, remember
soft bottom warms up on a
low tide. Fish are cold and
they're looking for warmer
Put a bait right in the current
on a flooding soft bottom
flat and BAMM!
I had a few really good
trips this week. I had the pleasure
of taken a Grandpa James,
son Troy and grandson Trevor
out for a day of flats fishing.
We enjoyed this awesome
chew we have to the fullest.
The day started out kinda
slow but didn't take long to get
water flowing
and the bite
going. We fished
inside and outside
to fill a 20
fish limit of trout
and then picked
up 12 nice reds
up 27.5 inches.
Lil Trevor had figured
things out pretty quick. He
said "Cap't. Danny you wanna
fish with my rod?" I told him I
would hold it till he was ready
to get back in the game.
Well, about the time I
hooked a nice redfish he was
wanting back in. Well it didn't
stop there when his dad and
grandpa hooked up. Yeah you
guessed it "Can I reel it —
Who can say "no" to that?
Well the day ended with
lots of smiles and good pictures.
Next was a different sortie,
what I would call customized
guide trip. My brother Nick
got his license last year and
finally put it to use. We had 18
folks. I know it's a lot, crazy,
but here's the short story.
Five adults and 13 kids:
We ran half the group on both
boats fishing the lowering tide
we did OK picked up 10 keepers
and shorts.
We headed in and dropped
them off on the Atsena Otie.

Next, we went in and
picked the other group up
from land and was able to get
a much better bite going and
boat 11 keepers for a grand
total for the day 21 keepers.
The kids were pretty well
behaved and really enjoyed
themselves. They were
already making plans to raise
the money for another trip.
Lots of Ccouts earned
merit badges while here in the
Key. It was a real cool experience
that I'm glad SS Charters
had the chance to be part of. It
really made me remember
why I enjoy guiding so much.
Most of these kids may
have never been introduced to
saltwater fishing if it wasn't for
this troop and those troop
leaders. I was once a Boy
Scout, and want to say thanks
to my parents for helping me
get to the meetings and a special
thanks to Mr. Gary
Hallman and Mr. Ronnie
Taylor, my Scout leaders, for
taken the time to share the outdoors
with us.
Watching these kids have
fun made me think about all
the fun I had as a Scout.
Thanks again!!!!!
Thats all we got this week.
Ya' don't have to be a troop
leader to take a kid fishing.
C ya' on the water.
Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@
or (352) 215-3686.