Fishing with Capt'n Danny Allen

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It's all about the weather in fishin'

By Danny Allen

Well my goodness I hate to beat the dead horse, but this weather is awesome!
I fished four days last week and every day was one to remember. I made my pro redfish circuit debut last Saturday up a rocks toss away from the Georgia border and the St. Mary's River in a town called Fernandina Beach.
It is a very small, very classy town. It has it own little unique charm like our own. People were nice and all the old buildings with new age businesses were cool. We had dinner in a small, two-story Victorian-style building that served Italian and it was good!!!
Our fishin' on the other hand — not as good. We had some issues keepin' us from doin' as well as we wanted. To keep the story short: weekend traffic and the surface covered in floating muddy water. That will hurt a sight fishing plan bad.  
We ended up 24th out of 57 teams. At first we were bummed, cause the very first fish of the day broke the hook knot on my partner's line. Always wet your knots when you tie them before you pull them tight. With that better fish we would have moved up to about 15th or so.
But we were fishing against pro's in their backyard. Charter captains that are on those waters five days a week. Well we fished hard and left nothing on the table.  
Now for our fishing, not much different from past weeks: still lots of redfish being caught. My buddy's with Saltwater Assassins Charters did well this week using mullet on the bottom to boat limits with a few oversized fish per day.  
Now the trout fishing still remains slow, not sure when that will get better. We had a very off spring followed by a awesome early summer then a pretty darn slow late summer. Now I don't expect it to get any better until after a few cold fronts cool down our waters.
The hottest deal right now is the Spanish macks out on the reef. My reports from Shelton Cowart of Bronson and fishing buddy Doug of Gainesville are saying they are big. And eatin' a lot. Trolling or just casting to schools with a spoon will load the limit.
Well I'm off to Horaeshoe Beach to look around for tomorrow Reel Animals fishing show. That was the group that was in Cedar Key and they wanted to do another show up this way. So we headed north for a lures only redfish and trout show. Should be good. C ya'll next week.