Fishing can be tricky this time of the year

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By Danny Allen

 Happy Turkey Day everyone — what a great holiday. Seems that this time of the year the woods are full of hunters, and the water is full of fishermen. And stories about big bucks and  rumors all over town.

And folks, this is also the time of year that the fishing can be extra special. The water cooling transiton can spin redfish and speckled trout into a spiraling frenzy. It can be tough, or it can be awesome. Most of the time, it’s awesome.

This week, I had the chance to fish up north a bit. And the fishing was awesome. Our limit of redfish consisted of a 26.5 inches, 26.5 inches, 26 inches and a 25-inch redfish. For those that aren't clear on the rules, the redfish keeper slot is 18-27 inches. So, long story short, happy folks. This was my second time with them, and both trips  were a " success." That’s all I'm a saying. 

This weather — what I'm a calling a heat wave — has confused the trout just a bit. They don't know whether it’s fall or winter. The problem is, it's fall with a splash of winter every other week. So they are at times a bit scattered. The only advice I have here is: Fish your winter pattern. You may have to bounce around a little but stick to it, it will produce the nice fat winter trout. The flats have fish, but the shorts population is higher out there.

Last week, the "oh so smart guys" met and tossed down the new "oh so smart rules" for fishing in Florida. I need to check on a few things before I spill the beans about what they decided. Next week, I will have a full run down of the changes. 

Sorry, I will try not to be so negative next week but I am very disturbed about one specific change. 

Also, no panic as none of the rules are effective now. They all have dates down the road. So next week, unless someone beats me to them, I will have 'em here. Have a great family week and Go Gators...

Capt. Danny Allen can be reached at gulfcoastflatsfishing@gmail.com or 352-215-3686.