Fishin' Report: Weather is fine and fish are biting

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By Danny Allen

Hey everyone, sorry I was out last week, but we had big news to cover with the Florida Insider Fishing Report being in town. Rick and those guys do a great job and it was a honor having them.
It’s also been a honor to have much more calm days as the last few weeks have been very nice. It’s been awhile since ya heard that description for our weather.
Our trout fishery is as good as anyone’s in the country. I mean to say the trout are on fire and not showing any signs of slowing up. Every trip I run we get a limit, some even over. We just catch and release the rest of the day. Most fish are running 16-18 inches with some occasionally over 20-inches. We’re still using corks and 24- 36 inch leaders and a jig head along with your favorite plastic worm.
The redfishing is getting a little better as the water has a chance to settle and clean up. Most of all the mackeral and jacks and lady-fish are settling in pretty good - which means our bigger fish and loads of bait aren’t far behind.
I had the chance to take out some folks that were in for the festival, Shane and Lisa of Oklahoma, who loved them some Cedar Key and said they will be back soon. We boated several nice trout and a redfish and a big Jack Creaval we fished with surface and subsurface lures and a few jigs. Check out the pics and y’all enjoy this weather. See y’all on the salt.