Fishin' with Capt. Danny: Despite pirates, reds are biting

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By Danny Allen

 Hello to all Cedar Key pirates. What a crazy weekend in our relatively normal town – with a large twist of piracy, not so normal.


Another thing that’s a change from abnormal to normal is our red fishing. It is now in full, fall swing. Schools are cruising the flats and pushing around inside and settling on rock and oyster bars. We are catching limits in the first 10-20 minutes of my trips. Most trips the past week or so have been 20-30 redfish in a half-day trip. Most are midrange to low-slot keepers. But, half the limit being high-range slot isn’t odd. And three-six over-slot fish are normal.

As we move farther into the month, it could get even better. Take the time to take a kid fishing and don’t be a pirate and catch all the fish. Do what you do but stay salty.