Fishin’ after the storm

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By Danny Allen

To everyone that didnt get blown away or floated off, I hope any recovery is going well. Sorry, I was out last week. Truth of the matter, I don’t really know what to say.
Truth is, after seeing these storms over the years, you really never know what to expect out on the water. It would be a bunch of guesses.
This is what I saw this week, post-Debby: the water was dirty and a little dark to the north end of our waters. As you swung to the west and south, it began to clean up but stay cloudy.
This week we have some nice strong tides that will help a lot in recirculating with the cleaner offshore water. Also, I would expect some more brown water from the Suwannee River as it reaches its cresting stage. It really has a lot to do with how many north-west and north-east winds we get. The wind from the south direction will push it off and up from our area waters.
The rain water and this full moon together has increased the redfish numbers quite a bit. We managed good redfishing all weekend. The tarpon are still hanging around off and on and here and there. That really best describes their actions.
The biggest news is the offshore grouper is open for now as of July 1, so don’t hesitate to line up a trip with the fellas here in town. The bite should be strong and usually the deeper the better this time of year. I know the guys here in town are willing and waiting for some calls.
Also, a Happy Fourth and stay safe this week. See ya’ll on the salt.