First day of school comes with warnings

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By Ada Lang

With student enrollment at Cedar Key School expected to be on the rise this year, Principal Sue Ice was under even more pressure to make sure students were clear about what's expected of them.

Ice held an assembly first thing Monday morning with about 110 middle and high school students in attendance. She reviewed some of the more important items, particularly the behavior and dress codes. 

Key points to remember include:

  •  Shoes are not optional
  • Baggy, saggy pants are not allowed
  • Students may not wear net or see through clothing, tank tops, halter tops, low-cut tops or tops that expose the midriff, have spaghetti straps or oversized arm holes. 
  • Clothing must cover all undergarments. 
  • Attire (including tattoos) may not depict tobacco, alcohol, drugs or have offensive racial, satanic, gang-related, sexually suggestive, obscene or violent messages. Skirts, shorts, dresses, and slits in dresses shall be at least finger tip length or longer. Clothing that's too tight will not be permitted. 
  • Piercings other than in the ears are not allowed and must be removed during school hours. 
  • Another important reminder from Ice included warnings about bullying and cyberstalking. Bullying can be physical, verbal, and/or psychological and can include teasing, social exclusion, threats or intimidation, stalking, physical violence or anything meant to humiliate that interferes with a student’s school performance or participation.

Not only are any of those acts not allowed in school, but if they occur off campus, Ice said she would deal with them as if they occurred on campus - with zero tolerance - and she reminded students that almost anything that goes onto the Internet can be seen by the public. 

Copies of the Students Code of Conduct went home with students Monday, but they are also available online at: levy.k12.fl.us/documents/studentcode.pdf.